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Measure, Track and Improve the Skills of Your Sales Team

We combine Artificial and Human Intelligence to provide fully remote, precise and unintrusive Sales Skills Audits, Reviews and Assessments.

How does it work?

1. Free Sales Skills Snapshot

We focus on one key sales skill of your choice, such as:

• Presentation and Demonstration
• Managing Objections
• Closing Sales

We build up a skills snapshot by remotely reviewing video and audio evidence of each member of the team in action at least twice during the audit period.


The review data generated is aggregated into a detailed report pinpointing proficiency levels.

2. Our Software Solution

We provide your team with a free Chrome extension to allow them to capture screen and audio recordings that demonstrate their sales skills with a few clicks.

The recordings automatically sync with our platform ready to be reviewed by our sales specialists so your team can continue hitting targets with no disruption.

The Observic platform offers specialist performance review and feedback capability
using our sales competency framework.

3. AI and HI Feedback

We use the precise ratio of artificial intelligence (our Observic platform) and human intelligence (our team of sales experts) to evaluate team proficiency levels using our
comprehensive sales competency framework.


The framework captures generic sales skills that determine the successful implementation of your sales process and
chosen sales methodology.

4. Your Report

At the end of the audit period (usually a month), we provide a full sales skill report to sales leaders.


The report details the data and evidence upon which leaders can make decisions, as well as recommendations for coaching or training interventions.

We also provide links to all video and audio reviews undertaken and highlight good practice examples from amongst your staff.

5. What's Next?

Build upon the data from your free Audit by choosing ongoing monthly or quarterly skill audits to benchmark your team and measure the ROI of training interventions.

Audits continue as for your free introduction but expand to cover all skills within our Sales Competency Framework.

Or choose Observic Plus to add extra feedback and reporting functionality with full access for sales leaders and sales team to the Observic platform.

Our Services

Abstract Horizon


Sales Skills Snapshot

Our sales specialists remotely audit your sales team through workplace evidence using our Observic platform


  • All sales staff reviewed twice over one month

  • We focus on the Pitching/Demo skills of your team for this free taster service as the essential component of your pipeline

  • Audit report detailing performance analysis and data; links to reviews undertaken and examples of good practice witnessed



Our sales specialists review your sales team to give you performance data without the time or effort.

From £1500 + VAT 

  • Skills audits undertaken monthly 

  • All sales staff reviewed four times in each audit

  • Customised audit form to pinpoint skills data vital to you

  • Monthly audit reports detailing performance analysis and data; links to all reviews undertaken and examples of good practice witnessed



Our audit service and full Observic review software access – software with a service!

From £2100 + VAT

  • We review each of your sales staff four times or more each month

  • Full access to Observic platform

  • Option for staff to receive feedback from reviewers

  • Self/peer/manager reviews

  • Ongoing Reporting access

  • Good Practice library

  • Platform managed for you

  • Bespoke forms/form library

  • Onboarding and support

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