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The Missing Link For Coaching & Training

Video-Based Evaluation-as-a-Service & Skill Review Platform

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Provide more detailed feedback and create a new revenue stream!


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1. Capture

Learners and other coaches & trainers can upload in-person recordings via Observic on mobile or screen capture digital activity via the Observic Chrome extension.

2. AI & Frameworks

Observic's AI transcribes your uploads letting reviewers use one of many template competency forms (or bespoke forms can be created) to review performance, provide feedback and annotate the media uploaded.

3. Feedback

Learners and/or coaches & trainers can review their own media, request feedback from leaders/coaches and begin building a best practice library. 

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How does it work?

4. Observic+

If managers and coaches don't have time to do reviews, Observic+ offers a reviewing service with 25 review credits included free for all new Beta users. Software and a Service!   

5. Data

All review data is aggregated to provide an in-depth understanding of competencies to help identify strengths, address weaknesses and rectify a lack of support and training in specific areas.

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