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Use Observic to identify, develop and share what works best in your organisation.
Then watch performance grow.

80% of the most efficient organisations use video to capture and share effective practices within their organisations.

Towards Maturity Report 2016

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How Observic works

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Share Screenshot

Securely upload video or audio files of performance for self-reflection, peer collaboration and expert analysis. Share videos that exemplify good practice in the context of your organisation.


Review Screenshot

Annotate the video to pinpoint areas for development and highlight good practice. Design observation forms to give detailed evaluation against performance criteria. Use remotely to save the time and cost of face-to-face observation.


Measure Screenshot

Observic reviews and reports document evidence that facilitate performance management. Observation data can be scored, aggregated and filtered to inform both personal and organisational development.

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Training and coaching


Competence assessment


Compliance and quality assurance


Performance reviews

Case study

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Up4Success Ltd partners with Observic to help ensure successful implementation of its Step Up primary curriculum toolkit.

Teachers upload videos of their Step Up lessons for peer review and remote feedback from external coaches as well as accessing good practice videos of other Step Up teachers.

Find out more about Step Up at

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